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La Cimbali M27 RE - Steam valve

The steam valve on the La Cimbali M27 RE is one which is quite standard on La Cimbali espresso machines.  This valve is opened when turning the handle counter clockwise and when you want to close the valve you just need to turn it counter clockwise. The handles used on this steam valve model are also quite common on various Casadio espresso machines.

The steam tube can be turned 360 degree and leave it in the same position. This can be achieved by the compression spring in the steam tube assembly. Because of the pressure against the steam tube ball.

La Cimbali M27 RE Steam valve espresso machine parts

Gasket FKM 12x3.5x4mm

The gasket on this page has a green colour instead of the typical black colour. This gasket is made from green FKM (FKM is available in variety of colours). You will find this gasket in the steam and water valves of the La Cimbali and Casadio. The matching part numbers for this item are for Casadio 400274020 and for Cimbali 400-274-020  This...

Tap joint gasket 14.5x7.5x6 mm

On this page you will find a PTFE gasket which is the coupling between the steam and water valve ball and the compression spring inside the valve assembly. This item has the Casadio part number 485078010, the La Cimbali part number 485-078-010 and the Faema part number 485078010. This PTFE gasket, it is not white as you would expect with PTFE, has a...

La Cimbali steam valve rebuild kit

On this page you will find a universal rebuild kit for various Faema, Cimbali and Casadio espresso machines. This rebuild kit can be used on steam and water valves. Off course not completely on the solenoid water valves. This kit contains in total 7 individual items. qt   Cimbali Faema Casadio 1 valve...
Brooks Parts | Casadio/Cimbali steam water valve knob original Brooks Parts | Casadio/Cimbali steam water valve knob original
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Casadio/Cimbali steam water valve knob original

The valve knob on this product page is used on various Casadio and Cimbali espresso machines. The Casadio part reference number for this item is 958743000 and for Cimbali it is 973-700-000.. This knob is a OEM/original Casadio/Cimbali spare part. This valve knob comes with a handle fixing spring, so you don’t have to purchase that separately. This item...

valve rod washer 21x16x1mm

The washer on this page is solely used on espresso machines manufactured by the La Cimbali Group. So you will find this OEM/Original washer on brands such as Casadio and Cimbali espresso machines.  The matching part numbers for this washer are for Casadio 590715000 and for La Cimbali 590-715-000  This washer makes sure that you can’t...

La Cimbali faema tap joint spring 11x24mm

On this product page you will find a stainless-steel water and steam valve compression spring. This spring has multiple purposes. It holds the steam and water wand at a fixed location and keeps pressure on the PTFE ball gasket. This compression spring can be used with the brands Casadio (485061010 ) Cimbali (485061010) and Faema (485061010) This...

La Cimbali handle big spring

The spring on this page is used a handle spring on a variety of espresso machine models manufactured by the Cimbali group. This spring keeps pressure on the internals of the handle which hold the handle in place. The Cimbali part number for this item is 485-154-000 and the Casadio part number is 485154000  The spring itself is made from spring...

Cimbali/Faema/Casadio stainless steel steam pipe

The steam tube on this page can be used on a variety of brands of the La Cimbali Group. You can find this type of tube on Faema, Cimbali and Casadio espresso machines. The complete part reference list can be found in the extra info tab. This steam tube has been made from stainless steel, the tube diameter of this steam tube is 10mm. The fitting which...

Cimbali/Casadio retaining ring steam and water valve

On this page you will find a bore retaining ring for steam and water valves used by the La Cimbali group. This item is a OEM/Original part. The item is used hold the steam/water shaft inside the valve. You are unable to completely turn out this shaft. This retaining ring has a outer diameter of 23,5mm. the ring has been made out of steel spring C80...

O ring gasket FKM 10.78x2.62mm

On this page you will find a o ring with the dimensions 10,78x2.62mm. It is made from FKM (viton is a registered trade brand, but the material is identical) This o ring is used in a variety of locations in espresso machines. It is used with steam and water wands in espresso machines with brands like: Marzocco, Casadio, Vibiemme, Grimac, Cimbali and Faema....

Cimbali Faema unit tap shaft

On this page you will find a assembled steam and water valve shaft for various La Cimbali, Faema and Casadio steam and water valves. The part number for this item is with Casadio 485910010, for Faema 485751010 and La Cimbali 985-710-010. For the complete part reference number list check the extra info tab. This brass valve shaft comes completely...

O ring gasket 10.82x1.78mm

On this page you can find a o ring which is in use with a variety of brands in various configurations. You can find this o ring in water and steam taps, boiler components and in water level assemblies. This o ring is made from EPDM. The used cord diameter is 1,78mm and the internal diameter of the o ring is 10,82mm. This o ring can be used on steam and...