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La Cimbali M32 Dosatron - Brewing group

La Cimbali M32 Dosatron espresso machine parts brewing group

La Cimbali M32 Dosatron espresso machine parts brewing group

Solenoid valve connector

The product on this page is a solenoid valve connector, large F fitting. With this connector you can seal off and connect your wiring and solenoid valve to each other. These connectors can be used on all types of standard solenoid valve coils. Where the positive and negative are spaced apart approx. 17mm. This solenoid valve connector can be basically...

La Cimbali filterbasket 1 coffee 6gr

The filterbasket on this page is for 1 coffee dose. This item is used on La Cimbali espresso machines. The La Cimbali part reference for this item is 457232000 and 457-232-000. This filterbasket has been made by the Italian company IMS Filtri, the part reference is GC1T043. This filterbasket holds about 6 grams of ground coffee. The outer diameter...

O ring gasket 6.07x1.78mm Solenoid valve

This o ring is one of the most common parts in the world of espresso machines. The main function of this o ring is to seal off a flanged solenoid valve. Every flanged solenoid valve uses 2 of these. But you will also find them in applications like steam and water valves and water inlet taps. The o ring has a wire diameter of 1,78mm and a internal...

La Cimbali HX long 210mm dia 42mm

On this page you will find a heat exchanger cartridge. This tube is available in 2 versions a 210mm version and a 150mm version. The one on this page is a 210mm version. The length of this copper heat exchanger is 210mm and has a outer diameter of 42mm. It is possible that you get a blank copper one or a copper with nickel plating. This cartridge can...

La Cimbali brewing group screw M6

The hex screw on this page is used on various La Cimbali espresso machine brewing groups. The part reference number for this item are 593815000 and 593815010  This head bolt keeps the portafilter coupling ring in place. The thread used on this nut is a male M6. The length of this screw is 29mm, the item has been made in Italy. Note: there are...

Cafelat blue silicone portafilter gasket 71x56.5x9mm

The gasket on this page can be used on a variety of espresso machines such as Cimbali, Nuova Simonelli and Victoria Arduino. This specific gasket is made by the company Cafelat in HongKong. The gasket is made from food graded silicone, which has a blue colour. The outer diameter of this gasket is 71mm, the inner diameter is 56,5mm and the thickness is...

La Cimbali shower holder

On this page you will find a shower screen holder suitable for the Casadio Venti groups and most of the La Cimbali brewing groups. For the Casadio machines you will find it under the part number 457037048 and for Cimbali espresso machines with part number 457-037-048  This brass shower holder has a outer diameter of 35mm and 6 smaller holes for...

La Cimbali copper gasket for gigleur 14x10x1mm

On this page you will find a copper gasket suitable for a variety of La Cimbali brewing groups. This gasket is mainly used to seal off the gigleur/nozzle underneath the brewing group. The La Cimbali part number for this gasket is 401234000. This gasket is a flat copper gasket. The gasket has a outer diameter of 14mm a inner diameter of 10mm and a...

Parker 3 way solenoid valve 220/230V

This 3 way solenoid valve is one of the most commonly found solenoid valves. The part is produced by Parker in Italy. This valve is mainly used as a brewing group solenoid valve. The remaining water from the group comes out of the outlet at the top. The Parker part numbers for this item are 393107J and 393112J This solenoid valve is a 3 way valve. The...

La Cimbali old style single portafilter

On this product page you will find a portafilter suitable for various La Cimbali espresso machines. This model has the old type of spout which uses screws to keep it into place. The Cimbali part reference for this item is 458-981-000. This portafilter has a ear orientation of 90 degree. The ears themselves have a thickness of 5,5mm. The portafilter does...

La Cimbali upper group tube

The copper tube on this product page is used on various La Cimbali espresso machines. The Cimbali part reference for this item is 913-535-020  This tube has been made from bend copper and is used to cool the brewing group. This item has been made in Italy. You can use this item on the Cimbali M20, Cimbali M21, Cimbali M25, Cimbali M27, Cimbali M28,...

La Cimbali gigleur 0.5mm

The nozzle/gigleur is used on a couple of Cimbali brewing groups. This nozzle is not located inside the brewing group, as you see with most gigleurs. But it is installed inside the tubing at the flowmeter or close to the brewing group. This item has multiple part numbers you will find those at the extra info tab. This gigleur has a outer diameter of 14mm...