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La Cimbali M39 GT - Brewing group

La Cimbali M39 GT espresso machine parts brewing group

La Cimbali M39 GT parts brewing group

Wera shower screen screwdriver slotted

In some cases, the shower screen is attached with a screw, in most cases that is a Philips or a slotted screw. It is difficult to remove it with a regular screwdriver due to the limited height under the brew group.  But for that you need a shortened slotted screwdriver, in this case the one from the German brand Wera, which fits well under the brewing...

Cimbali portafilter holder coupling

At some point the portafilter coupling of your espresso machine will wear out, or the finish will go bad. That would be the time to replace it. This specific model is one used on various La Cimbali espresso machines. The parts reference numbers for this item are 457299017, 457-299-017, 457299027  and 457-299-027. This portafilter coupling is...

Parker 3 way solenoid valve 24V DC

On this solenoid valve is a Lucifer/Parker 3 way solenoid valve which is used on various espresso machine models of Rancilio, the reference part number for Rancilio is 34040024. This brewing group solenoid valve is a flanged 3 way solenoid valve. The coil used on this solenoid valve is a 24V DC 9W coil, with the part number 481865C2. The outlet on top of...

IMS CI35WM 51,5mm precision shower screen

The shower screen on this product page is from the type a precision shower screen or competition. This shower screen is made by the Italian company IMS Filtri and can be used on various espresso machine brands such as Astoria, Bezzera, Elektra, Casadio Faema, La Scala, Victoria Arduino. This model is Called the CI 35 WM, with the part reference number...

Conical portafilter gasket 71x56x9mm

The conical portafilter gasket on this page is suitable for a variety of espresso machine brewing groups. Such as the ones for Casadio, Cimbali, Nuova Simonelli and Victoria Arduino. The matching part numbers for it are Casadio 401261010, Cimbali 401-261-010, Nuova Simonelli 40200004 and Victoria Arduino 40200004. This portafilter gasket has a...

Casadio temperature probe

The temperature probe on this product page can be used on various brewing groups and boilers used by the La Cimbali group.  You can find this temperature probe on Casadio, Faema and La Cimbali espresso machines. The Casadio part reference is 531194810, for Cimbali the references are 531194800, 531-194-800, 531194810 and 531-194-810 and for Faema...

La Cimbali old style single portafilter

On this product page you will find a portafilter suitable for various La Cimbali espresso machines. This model has the old type of spout which uses screws to keep it into place. The Cimbali part reference for this item is 458-981-000. This portafilter has a ear orientation of 90 degree. The ears themselves have a thickness of 5,5mm. The portafilter does...

Shower net caulked 51,5mm

The shower screen on this page is one of the most commonly used screw in showers. The manufacturer of this shower screen is IMS Filtri, the part number of this item is IMSDR310. IMS filtri doesn’t only make competition shower screen but just also regular screens. This shower screen has a diameter of 51,5mm. the central hole is suitable for a m5...

Thermostat 135° with manual reset

The item on this product page is a contact thermostat and can be used on various espresso machine brands such as La Marzocco, Nuova Simonelli and Victoria Arduino. This contact thermostat switches off at 135°C. it needs to be reset manually. This thermostat is rated up to 16A at 250V. the item has been made in Italy. You can use this contact...

Solenoid valve silicone o ring 6,07x1,78mm

This o ring is one of the most common parts in the world of espresso machines. The main function of this o ring is to seal off a flanged solenoid valve. Every flanged solenoid valve uses 2 of these. But you will also find them in applications like steam and water valves and water inlet taps. The o ring has a wire diameter of 1,78mm and a internal...

Portafilter gasket suplement 72x58x0.8mm

The paper gasket is one of the items you rarely find as a OEM or Original Item. But it is one of the most important items to keep your machine functioning. Over time the brewing group and portafilter locking systems wears, so there will be more space then original. This small spaces can be filled with the paper shims. This can fix the problems of not...

Portafilter gasket shim 70x57x0,8mm

On this product page you will find a paper seal for a portafilter gasket. This model of paper shim can be used on a variety of brands of espresso machines such as Casadio, Cimbali, Astoria, Nuova Simonelli, Wega and Brasilia. What does a paper shim do? The brewing group ring and portafilter ears wear down over time, to compensate this there are paper...