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La Cimbali M39 GT - Hydraulics

La Cimbali M39 GT Hydraulics espresso machine parts

La Cimbali M39 GT Hydraulics espresso machine parts

Lucifer solenoid valve 2 way 1/8" 1/8" 24V AC 9W

The solenoid valve on this product page is one made by the company Lucifer. The coil states Parker, this is the main company. This solenoid valve is used in various La Cimbali and Faema espresso machines. This solenoid valve is a 2 way valve. The coil used is a 9W 24V model. The hole diameter is 2,5mm and is sealed off with a FKM seal. The maximum...
Casadio/Cimbali/Faema drain...
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Casadio/Cimbali/Faema drain tank

The drain tank on this page can be used on various espresso machines of Gruppo Cimbali. So you can use it on various models of Casadio, Cimbali and Faema. This part has the Casadio part reference number 958958020, the Cimbali reference 958-958-020 and the  Faema reference of 959775010. This drain tank is used to collect the drain water from the various...

La Cimbali pump manometer 0 - 16 Bar

On this page you will find a small pump manometer, one of the smaller models. This model you mainly see used with the La Cimbali group. The la Cimbali part number for this item is 3781-133-399 and Faema part number is 3781133401  This manometer is a pump manometer with a pressure range of 0 – 16 bar. The rim diameter of this pressure gauge is...

Gicar flowmeter 1/4"FF nozzle 1,0mm

On this product page you will find a flowmeter suitable for various brands of the La Cimbali Group. This flowmeter has been manufactured by the Italian company Gicar. The part references of Gicar for this item are and This flowmeter is made out of 2 pieces. The brass, low lead, casting and the measuring device which is made from a...

La Cimbali drain pan with 3/4" fitting

This item is a drain tank which is used on a variety of La Cimbali espresso machines.  The La Cimbali part reference numbers for this item are 422025020  and 422-025-020.  This drain tank is installed in the espresso machine with 2 screws, one on each side. The main drain fitting is a male ¾”. This drain tank is normally used in combination with a 1500mm...