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La Cimbali M39 - Water level

The water level on the La Cimbali M39 is a common type of sight glass with La Cimbali espresso machines. This item is identical for the Cimbali M39 Classic and the La Cimbali M39 Dosatron.

The sight glass is made up out of various components. The casting with the fittings is the main part. To create a even background you have a white plastic insert. In this space there is a green level float. To seal off the sight glass you have a internal o ring, a sight glass and a outer flat gasket. This is all held in place with a sight glass cover which uses 4 screws. These components are also available in a sight glass kit which can be used on Faema and Cimbali espresso machines.

If you are not sure what water level components you might need for your Cimbali M39, don´t hesitate and send us a message.

La Cimbali M39 Water level espresso machine parts

Crushable copper washer 1/4" 18x14x2mm

The item on this product page is a crushable copper gasket. This gasket can be used with a variety of espresso machine brands such as Casadio, ECM Heidelberg, La Scala, Cimbali, Faema, Astoria, Nuova Simonelli, Pavoni, Wega and Rancilio. This crushable copper gasket has a outer diameter of 18mm a inner diameter of 14mm and a thickness of 2mm. This gasket...

Anti vacuum valve V.A.R. 1/4"

On this product page you will find a anti vacuum valve. This valve is made completely out of brass and can be easily disassembled. This type of anti vacuum valve is used with quite a lot of espresso machine brands. This valve has a male ¼”BSP-G thread. The o ring inside the valve is made from HNBR, but the o ring end stop is made from PTFE. As mentioned...

Faema and Cimbali sight glass level kit

On this page you will find a complete sight glass level kit for various La Cimbali and Faema espresso machines. This set contains the 5 items you need to get your sight glass back to new condition. What can I find in this full sight glass service kit? 1: the white backing of the sight glass; 2: Sight glass 89x30mm with min and max indicator; 3: Fibre...

Faema and Cimbali o ring level glass 60,33x3.53mm

The o ring on this page is used to seal off the inside of the sight glass with some models of Faema and La Cimbali. You will find them under the part reference of Faema with 4701030129 and with la Cimbali 915-117-000. This is basically just a o ring made from EPDM. The cord diameter of this o ring is 3,53mm and the internal diameter of this o ring is...

Faema and Cimbali outer water level gasket

On this page you will find a fibre gasket suitable for various La Cimbali and Faema water levels. This gasket is used in between the sight glass and sight glass brass outer flange which closes the sight glass. So it is in fact not in contact with water. The La Cimbali part number for this item is 4701-116-573 and the Faema part number is 4701-116573 This...

Faema E61 legend sight glass

The sight glass on this page is different then the traditional tubular glass. This is a flat piece transparent level glass, note it is made from polycarbonate. This type of level glass can be used with various brands such as Faema, La Scala and La Cimbali. The Cimbali part references for this item are4831130683  and 4831-130-683. For Faema the part...

Level indicator red ball 5,8mm

This red ball is a level indicator ball. This ball floats inside the water level tube. Seen it’s not always easy to see the water level makes a floating red ball it a lot easier. There are more colours available with different diameter of balls. This red ball has a diameter of 5,8mm and is made in Italy. This type of level indicator can be found...

Faema and Cimbali water level plastic cover

On this page you will find a sight glass backing. This white sight glass backing used on espresso machines of the brand Faema and La Cimbali. The Faema part reference for this item is 4831132157 and for Cimbali the references are 4831-132-157 and 920-711-000. This sight glass base has a length of 80mm a width of 21mm and a height of 12mm. There are for...