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La Spaziale S2 - Motor and pump

La Spaziale S2 espresso machine parts motor and pump

La Spaziale S2 espresso machine parts motor and pump

Fluid o tech clamp ring pump 100 L/H

The rotation pump on this page is made by the Italian manufacturer Fluid o tech, the pump type is designated as model “Standard” with the Fluid o tech manufacturer code: PA0104AGANN0000 This model of rotation pump is a clamp ring type. The pump face and motor face are pushed against each other and a stainless-steel clamp is place around it....

Copper crushable washer 23x17x3mm

On this page you will find a copper gasket, not just a copper gasket but a crushable version. This specific model has an outer diameter of 22mm an internal diameter of 17mm and a height of 3mm. Copper crushable washers can be used in various pump and boiler related applications. You need to tighten the fitting enough to crush the copper, which makes the...

Fluidotech clamp ring pump 200L/H

On this product page you will find a brass espresso machine pump. This pump can be used on espresso machine brands such as Astoria and Wega. The part references for this rotation pump is for Astoria 26303 and for Wega WY26303  This rotary vane espresso machine pump has been made by the Italian company Fluid o Tech. This model is a clamp on...

Fluid o tech clamp ring pump 100 L/H compact

The rotation pump on this page is made by Fluid o tech. This model of pump is designated as a Compact model. The pump has the Fluid o tech code CA0104AGAFN0000 or CA0104AGANN0000. This specific model of Fluid o tech pump is type which is called a clamp ring pump. This pump type is mated against the face of a espresso machine motor and a clamp is placed...