Nuova Simonelli 1 coffee portafilter Nanoquarz original
  • Nuova Simonelli 1 coffee portafilter Nanoquarz original
  • Nuova Simonelli 1 coffee portafilter Nanoquarz original
  • Nuova Simonelli 1 coffee portafilter Nanoquarz original

Nuova Simonelli 1 coffee portafilter Nanoquarz original


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The portafilter on this product page is a OEM/Original Nuova Simonelli spare part. The Nuova Simonelli part reference number for this item is KPFNT001. This portafilter is compatible with the regular Nuova Simonelli portafilter with the part references 98005000, 98005021 and 98005024.

This portafilter is one for 1 coffee, the spout is a open version for easy cleaning. The wings have a thickness of 7mm and a orientation of 45 degree. The portafilter does come with a spring and a 6 gram filter basket. This portafilter has been coated with a Nano quartz coating, this is a non stick coating which makes cleaning easier. The portafilter is made in Italy.

You can use this portafilter on various brewing groups such as used on the Nuova Simonelli Appia, Nuova Simonelli Aurelia, Nuova Simonelli Aurelia II, Nuova Simonelli Optima, Nuova Simonelli Program


Data sheet

Nuova Simonelli
Appia II
Aurelia II
Aurelia II Competizione
Aurelia II T3
San Remo
Milano LX
Zoe compact
Portafilter type
Type part
Single portafilter
Portafilter ear thickness (mm)
Portafilter ear orientation
part number
Nuova Simonelli KPFNT001
Country of manufacturing
Made in Italy
No. There are a lot of single portafilters which are interchangable, such as with a lot of e61 style brewing groups. But in a lot of cases the dimensions do vary
In general portafilters are made from casted and machined brass, which has been nickel and chrome plated. In some cases you will find a stainless steel portafilter. but this is not really standard.
Cleaning your portafilter is quite simple. Remove the filterbasket from the portafilter, this can be easily be done with the IMS removal tool. Prepare a container with warm water and put or Puly Caff or Brooks cleaner inside this container. Now you can put your portafilter in the liquid and let it soak. Never submerge any part of the handle!.
if you want yo clean the portafilter spout, use our Brooks cleaning brushes.
No, you can't use any filterbasket for your portafilter. seen the sizes range in diameter from 65mm all the way up to 70mm. On this page you can select single filterbaskets on size and brand
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