Solenoid valve permanent magnet
  • Solenoid valve permanent magnet

Solenoid valve permanent magnet


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The item on this page is a flat a permanent magnet used on solenoid valves. This type of part is mainly used on older espresso machines. These are used with brands such as Bezzera, Spaziale, Pavoni and Brasilia. The Bezzera part reference number is 5963015, the Pavoni part reference numbers are 360006 and 394740. The La Spaziale part reference number is 00614.

This permanent magnet has a inner diameter of 15mm and a outer diameter of 48mm.

This magnet can be used on the Bezzera B3000. Manual La Spaziale models such as the Spaziale S1, Spaziale S3, Spaziale Spazio and the Spaziale New. Pavoni Uno, Pavoni Tre, Pavoni P90, Brasilia Century, Brasilia Portofino.


Data sheet

part number
Bezzera 5963015
Pavoni 360006
Pavoni 394740
Spaziale 00614
Type part
Solenoid valve
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