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La Cimbali M29 - Hydraulics

La Cimbali M29 Hydraulics espresso machine parts

La Cimbali M29 Hydraulics espresso machine parts

3 phase safety thermostat 169-18°

On this page you will find a three phase thermostat. This item is used in a variety of espresso machines. You can find this thermostat with brands like Cimbali Faema and Casadio. This 3 phase thermostat is made by the German company E.G.O. in Germany. The switching off temperature of this thermostat is 169°C and needs to be reset manually by pushing...

Gicar flow meter with cable

On this product page you will find a flowmeter, produced by the Italian company Gicar, mainly used on espresso machines of the La Cimbali Group. This flowmeter has the Casadio part reference 1455058, the Cimbali reference 534-393-100 and the Faema Reference 534393100. This flowmeter has a inlet and outlet, both have a female ¼” BSP-G...

Double boiler pump manometer 0 - 2.5 / 0 - 16 bar

On this product page you will find a double scale manometer suitable for various models of the Cimbali espresso machines. The Cimbali part reference is 421-289-000  This double scale pressure gauge has on the pump side a scale of 0 to 16 bar. The boiler side goes from 0 to 2,5 bar. The outside diameter of the body is 60mm and the rim diameter is...

Faema heating element 2 group 3750/4500W 230/400V

On this product page you will find a heating element used for a variety of espresso machines made by the La Cimbali group. This specific heating element is suitable for a 2 group espresso machine. You can use this element with various brands such as Cimbali, Faema and Casadio. This heating element produces 3780/4500W at 230/400V, the element has 6...

Cimbali/Faema pressure gauge 0-2.5bar original

The item on this product page is a OEM/Original La Cimbali coffee machine manometer. This manometer can be used on various Faema and Cimbali espresso machines. The Cimbali part reference numbers are 445168000 and 445-168-000. The Faema part reference number is 445168000. This pressure gauge is a single dial pressure gauge. This specific model only...

Gicar flowmeter 1/8" 1,15mm connector with led

On this page you will find a flowmeter made by the Italian company Gicar. This specific model of flowmeter can be used with a variety of brands such as San Remo, La Cimbali, Nuova Simonelli and Brasilia. The Gicar part numbers for this item are (, and The fittings which can be used on the in and outlet of flowmeter are...