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La Cimbali M30 Classic - Boiler

La Cimbali M30 Classic espresso machine parts boiler

La Cimbali M30 Classic espresso machine parts boiler

La Cimbali outer heating element gasket

The gasket on this product page can be used on various La Cimbali espresso machines. This gasket is used to seal off the heating element terminals from water from above. The La Cimbali part references number for this item are 401286010 and 401-286-010. This gasket is made from clear silicone, ideal in combination with the heat of the heating...

Anti vacuum valve TV 1/4"

This type of anti vacuum valve is one of the most common valves around. This valve is suitable for a variety of espresso machine brands like Casadio, La Carimali, San Marco, San Remo, La Cimbali, Grimac, La Spaziale and so on. This anti vacuum valve has a male ¼”BSP-G thread. The body of this anti depression valve has been made out of...

Safety valve 3/8" 1,8bar CE PED IV

The boiler safety valve shown on this page can mainly be found on La Pavoni espresso machine boilers. The La Pavoni part reference for this item is 395221G This boiler safety valve has a male 3/8” BSP-G thread. The pre-set pressure is 1,8 bar and nonadjustable. The seal used is a FKM seal, when opened the steam outlet is 872 L/M. This valve is CE...

La Cimbali heating element 2950/3420W 220/400V

On this page you will find a heating element suitable for a variety of espresso machines made by La Cimbali. This specific model of heating element is suitable for a 2 group espresso machine. For the Cimbali part reference check the extra info tab for the entire list. This heating element produces 2950/3420W at 220/400, this heating element has 6...

Safety valve 3/8" 2.0 bar CE PED IV certified

The most important part on a espresso machine is the safety valve. This part prevents that a boiler can explode. The safety valve will open up when the pressure inside the boiler becomes too high. This specific safety valve is made out of brass. The thread type used for this safety valve is 3/8”BSP-G. The calibrated pressure of the valve is 2.0...

La Cimbali heating element 1gr 1800W 220V

On this product page you will find a heating element suitable for a variety of single group La Cimbali espresso machine boilers. For the part references check the extra info tab. This heating element produces 1800W at 220V. There are 6 connecting poles on the heating element. In the middle of the flange, this flange is 75x75mm, is a spare tube for a...

La Cimbali boiler manometer D.57 0-2.5 bar

On this product page you will find a boiler pressure gauge used in a variety of espresso machines made by the brand La Cimbali. The part reference for this item is 450-524-000. The boiler pressure manometer has a range from 0 to 2,5 bar. The body of this manometer is 57mm and the rim is 60mm. The connection on the back is a male 1/8” BSP-G thread....

Cimbali AFM34 heating element gasket 58X50X2mm

The heating element gasket on this page can be used in a variety of espresso machine models made by Casadio and Cimbali. The Casadio part number is 401194010 and the Cimbali part number is 401-194-000. This gasket has been made from AFM34 by Victor Reinz. This gasket has a outer diameter of 58mm a inner diameter of 50 mm and a thickness of 2mm. The gasket...