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La Cimbali M31 Classic - Motor and pump

La Cimbali M31 Classic espresso machine parts motor and pump

La Cimbali M31 Classic  espresso machine parts motor and pump

Procon flange pump 180 L/h

The rotary vane pump on this page is slightly different then a normal rotary vane pump. This specific model is made by Procon in Ireland. (CO1309BF and 131A060F123B) with a NSF certification The model pump is a clamp on rotary vane pump. The flanges of the pump and motor are pushed against each other and a stainless steel clamp is placed over it and...

Faema rubber pump-motor connector 40 mm

To connect a flange pump and flange motor to each other you need to have 2 coupling plates and a rubber middle coupler which connects the coupling plates to eachother. This rubber motor pump coupling is universal and can be used with the metal coupling plates with a rounded off shaft and with the slitted pump coupling connection. These type of couplings...

Fluid o tech flange pump 150 L/H

On this page you will find a clamp on rotation pump. This specific model Compact Plus (MO0154EAADN) has been made by the Italian company Fluid o tech in Italy. This type of coupling is only used with a couple of coffee machine brands, which are all part of the La Cimbali Group. So, you will find them with the espresso machines Casadio, La Cimbali and...

Nipple 3/8"M x 3/8"NPT M

The fitting on this page is mainly used on espresso machine pumps, which have a 3/8” NPT connection. This type of fitting can be found on espresso machine brands such as Cimbali, Grimac, La Pavoni and Fiorenzato. The Cimbali part references are 532500600 and 532-500-600, for Faema the reference is 532500600, for Fiorenzato and Grimac the...

Faema pump motor Due E91 diplomat 170W 220V

On this page you will find a motor mainly used for older model espresso machines from Faema like: Faema Due, Faema E91, Faema E92, Faema Star and Faema Tronic. This motor is build by the Italian company Elettromeccanica ing. F. Arduini. This is a 170W pump motor which runs on 220V with 50/60hz. To start the motor you need a start capacitor, on this...