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La Cimbali M39 - Water valve

Making hot water is next to making coffee one of the most important things on a espresso machines. This is also the case on the La Cimbali M39 espresso machines. The M39 does not use a traditional manual valve, but uses a solenoid operated valve.

This specific model uses a 2 way valve which runs on 24V. When you push the water button the valve will open and the boiling water will come out of the water spout. This system is used on the La Cimbali M39 Classic and the Cimbali M39 Dosatron.

If you are not entirely sure which components you need for your La Cimbali M39 water valve, don´t hesitate to contact us.

La Cimbali M39 Water valve espresso machine parts

ODE solenoid valve 2 way 1/8" 24V AC PPS

The item on this product page is a solenoid valve made by the Italian company ODE. The ODE part reference number for this item is 21AP1K1V25-T0+... . This solenoid valve can be used on various espresso machine brands such as Cimbali and Faema. The Cimbali part reference number is 533-895-100R and for Faema 533895100R. This model of solenoid valve is...

Cimbali/Faema Stainless steel water tube 130mm

The water tube on this product page can be used with various Cimbali and Faema espresso machine models. The Cimbali part references are 920739030 and 920-739-030. This water pipe has been made from stainless steel. The fixing nut has been made from chrome plated brass. The total length is 130mm and the tube has been fitted with a sleeve to prevent...

Cimbali/Faema push in fitting 1/8"m 4mm

The part on this page is a straight push in fitting, this model of fitting can be used on various espresso machine brands of the La Cimbali Group. You can use this push in fitting with Cimbali, Faema and Casadio espresso machines. The Casadio part reference is for this item 532650100, for Cimbali they are 532650100 and 532-650-100 and the Faema part...

Rubber protecting sleeve for 10mm steamtubes

The item on this page is a steam and water tube burn protecting sleeve. This specific model of sleeve can be used on various brands of the La Cimbali group such as Faema, Casadio and Cimbali. The part references for these brands are all 927132010 . This rubber grip is suitable for steam and water tubes which have a diameter of 10mm. this specific...

Lucifer solenoid valve 2 way 1/8" 1/8" 24V AC 9W

The solenoid valve on this product page is one made by the company Lucifer. The coil states Parker, this is the main company. This solenoid valve is used in various La Cimbali and Faema espresso machines. This solenoid valve is a 2 way valve. The coil used is a 9W 24V model. The hole diameter is 2,5mm and is sealed off with a FKM seal. The maximum...

O ring gasket 10.82x1.78mm

On this page you can find a o ring which is in use with a variety of brands in various configurations. You can find this o ring in water and steam taps, boiler components and in water level assemblies. This o ring is made from EPDM. The used cord diameter is 1,78mm and the internal diameter of the o ring is 10,82mm. This o ring can be used on steam and...

Tap joint gasket 14.5x7.5x6 mm

On this page you will find a PTFE gasket which is the coupling between the steam and water valve ball and the compression spring inside the valve assembly. This item has the Casadio part number 485078010, the La Cimbali part number 485-078-010 and the Faema part number 485078010. This PTFE gasket, it is not white as you would expect with PTFE, has a...

La Cimbali faema tap joint spring 11x24mm

On this product page you will find a stainless-steel water and steam valve compression spring. This spring has multiple purposes. It holds the steam and water wand at a fixed location and keeps pressure on the PTFE ball gasket. This compression spring can be used with the brands Casadio (485061010 ) Cimbali (485061010) and Faema (485061010) This...