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La Spaziale S2 - Hydraulics

La Spaziale S2 espresso machine parts Hydraulics

La Spaziale S2 espresso machine parts hydraulics

O ring 15,88x2,62mm FKM

One of most important gasket types is the o ring, this specific model can be found on a variety of La Spaziale espresso machine models.  The La Spaziale part number for this item is 01471 The cord diameter of this o ring is 2,62mm and the internal diameter of this o ring is 15,88mm. The material used for this o ring is FKM. The La Spaziale models...

La Spaziale drain tray

Basically every espresso machine has some sort of a drain tray, they come in a variety of shapes and forms. This specific model is a OEM La Spaziale drain tray. The La Spaziale part number for this item is 01590 On this drain tray you have 2 inlets and 1 outlet. The 2 inlets come from different locations. 1 is for the over pressure valve the other one is...

O ring gasket FKM 11.91x2.62mm

The o ring on this product page can be used on various espresso machine brands in various applications. Such as in hydraulic systems, steam and water valves and brewing groups. You can use this o ring on brands such as Bezzera, Spaziale and Gaggia. The Bezzera part reference number is 7496002, for Gaggia it is DM0041/106 and WGADM0041/106. For...

Expansion valve gasket 15/6x10mm

The expansion valve gasket shown on this page is a generic item. You can find it in the catalogue of a variety of espresso machine manufacturers. The gasket is a flat NBR gasket with a pin at the end. The widest section of the gasket has a diameter of 15mm and the pin has a diameter of 6mm. The total height for the gasket is 10mm. Which espresso machine...

La Spaziale filter screen 7,3mm

This fine wire stainless steel wire mesh can be found in la Spaziale espresso machines in the region of the flowmeter. This filter prevents entering the flowmeter and the brewing group. Seen they are in front and after the flowmeter. This OEM part has the La Spaziale part number 00275  This specific wire mesh has been made from stainless steel and...

Non return valve triangular 6.5mm

The triangular non return valve on this page can be used in La Spaziale and Vibiemme espresso machines. This brass made part holds a small o ring which is 1,78x8,73mm. The o ring seals off the non return valve and non return valve makes sure that the water van only flow one way. The triangular shaped non return valve has a diameter of 6,5mm and 12mm. The...

Brass half nut 3/8" 21x6mm

Brass fittings used on espresso machines are generic items, seen they are used in quite a lot of coffee machines. This specific model is a nut with a 3/8” BSP-G thread with a height of 6mm. The wrench size used for this item is a 21. Which models use this 3/8” BSP-G nut.? Well you can find this nut with brands like: Gaggia, Saeco, Victoria...

La Spaziale flowmeter 1/4"

This flowmeter, manufactured by the Italian company Gicar, can be found on a lot of La Spaziale espresso machine models. This specific flowmeter has both female connections of ¼”BSP and it can operate up to 20bar. The nozzle installed in the flowmeter has a diameter of 1,15bar. The base is made from low lead content brass CW510L and is NSF...

Spring non return valve 8x30mm

The non return valve is a key components in a espresso machine. This prevents that water doesn’t flow to places it isn’t intended to do so. This specific spring is used on a variety of espresso machines like Brasilia, Faema, Grimac, La Spaziale, Vibiemme and La Carimali. The spring has a external diameter of 8mm and a overall length of 30mm....

Stainless filter 8x1.5mm

The filter membrane you see on this page is mainly used in the hydraulic systems on La Spaziale espresso machines, around the flowmeter. On the Elektra Classic and Elektra Kappa this stainless-steel water filter is also used with a solenoid valve. The Spaziale part number for this item is 02284 and the Elektra part number is 01341035  This...