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Bezzera Magica water inlet 

Bezzera Magica water inlet 

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Our selection of Bezzera Magica water inlet spare parts

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    On this product page you will find a pump pressure gauge which can be used with various brands such as Bezzera and ECM Heidelberg. The part reference for Bezzera is 7432523 and for ECM Heidelberg is B7432517  This pump pressure gauge goes from 0 to 16 bar. The case of this manometer has a diameter of 39mm, the frame is 44mm. The connection...

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    On this page you will find one of the most used espresso machine pumps. The Ulka Ex5 48W 230V espresso machine vibration pump. This pump produces 48W at 230V with 50Hz. The inlet connection is 6mm, suitable for a silicone hose. The pump outlet is a 1/8” Bsp, this side is made from brass. There is also a Identical pump the Ulka EP5, this one has a...

  • 1,58 € Add to cart In Stock

    The item on this product page is one which can be used on various Ulka espresso machines vibration pumps. This pump inlet can be used with brands such as Grimac, Elektra, Fiorenzato, Rancilio, Saeco and Gaggia. The Ulka part reference number for this item is 8.01.033 This 90 degree fitting has been made from a plastic called santoprene. The internal pump...

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    On this page you will find a rubber support mount for a vibration pump. This support has 1 central hole and a mounting hole. The mounting hole is for connecting the rubber pump support to the frame of the espresso machine. The other hole is for sticking the espresso machine vibration pump true, this is a press fit. For each vibration pump you need 2...

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    The vibration manufacturer Ulka makes 230V vibration pumps for espresso machines. But they also make 120V vibration pumps for espresso machines. On this page you will find the Ulka EX5 vibration pump. This pump produces 41W with a 120V at 60Hz. The water inlet is a 6mm plastic fitting, the outlet of the pump is 1/8”BSP. The EX5 has a brass outlet...

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