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No. There are a lot of models which are interchangable, such as with a lot of e61 style brewing groups. But in a lot of cases the dimensions do vary

What kind of knock boxes are available?

Published : 27.04.2022 08:22:29
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What kind of knock boxes are available?

Every single time when you make a espresso you will get waste from the coffee puck. As a professional barista in a coffee bar/restaurant you want to get rid of these old compacted coffee grounds as`fast as possible. The easiest way to do is to knock the coffee puck out of the portafilter against a knock bar.

All the knock boxes have 1 item in common and that is that they use a knock bar. This is in almost every case a metal tube or bar, where a rubber is moulded or installed around. These do wear out that’s why they are easy to replace.

There are a variety of options and solutions for various applications, how much space do I have? Is it for a commercial or a domestic setting? How much coffee waste am I going to produce during the day, is it easy to clean? Do I want a electrical or manual knock box?


Knock box drawer

The most well known and oldest type of knock box is the pull out drawer. This type of knock box is normally installed in the cupboard underneath/next to the espresso machine. When you want to get rid of your coffee puck you only have to open and close the drawer. These drawers are made by 2 Italian companies. Ronda andPriolinox.

ronda drawerpriolinox

There are 2 types of knock box drawers ones where you slide out the knock box on bearings out of the cupboard. These types are for instance made by Ronda andPriolinox. But you also have tilt drawer, this drawer only opens partially open and can be easily closed again. these models are only made by Ronda.

The choice of this type is mainly in commercial applications, seen the amount off coffee residue these drawers can hold


Counter top drawer

These work in the essence the same as the build in drawers, but don’t need to be build into cupboard or workbench. these countertop knock boxes are made in 2 versions. A lightweight and a heavy duty one.

 lightweight version is suitable to place an coffee grinder on top of it to save some space. These are made by brands such as Baristapro, joe frex and Ronda. These knockboxes are made from welded or pressed stainless steel. these knockboxes can be disassembled for cleaning. Also the knock bar is removable for easy cleaning or just to replace them. These knock boxes can be used for domestic(pro-sumer) and commercial use.ronda countertop knock box

The heavy duty ones are only made by the Italian company Ronda. These are called the Ronda Coffee Cube. These knock box drawers are made in 3 different versions, for 1 up to 3 brewing group espresso machines. The single ones only have a knock box for waste coffee, the 2 and 3 group versions have a knock box and a accessory drawer.   




Knock box/chute

There are 3 versions of this type, free standing, build in and a electronic one.

This version is mainly installed in the countertop itself.  This is basically a square or round tube where a knock bar is installed inside. Underneath this build in knock box you can put a garbage bag to catch all the old coffee.  These models are for instance by BaristaPro and Joe frex.

There is a free standing version, which is a foot tube a top section where the knock bar is located. These where made by the company rhino coffee gear.

Finally one is the only electronic version. This is made by the Italian company Pro-fondi. This filter basket cleaner is installed also in a countertop. You put your portafilter upside down into the device and it will clean the filterbasket on the inside.  According to the manufacturer it is less noisy and prevents long term injuries to the wrists and hands of the barista.

These versions are basically only used in bars/restaurants/specialty coffee bars. So commercial applications.


Countertop open knockbox

These open knock boxes are mainly used in domestic environments, so where low productions of coffee are made. These are made in different forms, in plastic or in metal. And have a knock bar in the middle of the box. These are made by brands such as Cafelat, Motta, joe frex, Rhino coffee gear.

There is also a new type of knockbox these are made by the South African companyRibelle. They don’t have a bar in the middle but a section of the knockbox where you hit your portafilter against.  

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No. There are a lot of models which are interchangable, such as with a lot of e61 style brewing groups. But in a lot of cases the dimensions do vary
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