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La Cimbali M27 RE - Hydraulics

The hydraulic components on the La Cimbali M27 RE depend on which model of La Cimbali M27 RE you have. Seen the Cimbali M27 RE A is a volumetric espresso machine, which requires more hydraulic systems.

Items which can be found on both espresso machine models are the boiler and pump pressure gauge, water inlet valves, over pressure valves, drain and exhaust components and the pressure switch.

If you are not entirely sure which components your hydraulic systems requires of your Cimbali M27 RE espresso machine, don’t hesitate to contact us.

La Cimbali M27 RE Hydraulics espresso machine parts

La Cimbali copper gasket for gigleur 14x10x1mm

On this page you will find a copper gasket suitable for a variety of La Cimbali brewing groups. This gasket is mainly used to seal off the gigleur/nozzle underneath the brewing group. The La Cimbali part number for this gasket is 401234000. This gasket is a flat copper gasket. The gasket has a outer diameter of 14mm a inner diameter of 10mm and a...

La Cimbali stainless steel group filter 9x1.5mm

On this page you will find a stainless-steel wire mesh filter. This filter is placed before the gigleur/nozzle so that it won’t get blocked by some sort of foreign debris. The La Cimbali part number for this item is 481361000  This stainless-steel filter has a outer diameter of 9mm and the filter has a thickness of 1,5mm. On which models can...

Valve spring 11,5x24mm

The valve spring on this product page is used with various espresso machines from the La Cimbali group. You will find this spring with the brands Casadio, Cimbali and Faema. It is used in the water inlet valves of these machines. The Casadio part reference is 418014000, the Faema part reference is 418014000 and for la Cimbali the part references are...

La Cimbali boiler manometer D.57 0-2.5 bar

On this product page you will find a boiler pressure gauge used in a variety of espresso machines made by the brand La Cimbali. The part reference for this item is 450-524-000. The boiler pressure manometer has a range from 0 to 2,5 bar. The body of this manometer is 57mm and the rim is 60mm. The connection on the back is a male 1/8” BSP-G thread....

La Cimbali group gigleur 0,8mm

The nozzle/gigleur is used on a couple of Cimbali brewing groups. This nozzle is not located inside the brewing group, as you see with most gigleurs. But it is installed inside the tubing at the flowmeter or close to the brewing group. This item has multiple part numbers you will find those at the extra info tab. This gigleur has a outer diameter of 14mm...

Non return valve

The item on this page is a valve for a non return valve. This item is used with a variety of espresso machine made by the Cimbali group. You can find this item on Casadio, Cimbali and Faema espresso machines. The item references can be found in the extra info ta. This casted non return valve holder is used in combination with a o ring. The model of o...