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La Cimbali M39 - Brewing group

The espresso machine brewing group used on the Cimbali M39 Dosatron and the Cimbali M39 Classic are from the standard Cimbali brewing group. The Cimbali brewing groups have a heat exchanger installed at the back of the group, which is placed inside the boiler of the espresso machine. This brewing group is a solenoid valve operated brewing group, this solenoid valve is a 3 way valve which is located at the side of the brewing group.

The portafilter itself is held in place with a removable portafilter holder coupling, this coupling is interchangeable with most La Cimbali espresso machines. You can use any Cimbali portafilter which is used on Cimbali group heads. The portafilter gasket on this Cimbali M39 group head has a outer diameter of 71mm and a inner diameter of 56mm.

If you are not sure which part you need for your brewing group of your Cimbali M39 espresso machine, don’t hesitate to contact us.

La Cimbali M39 espresso machine parts brewing group

Parker 3 way solenoid valve 220/230V

This 3 way solenoid valve is one of the most commonly found solenoid valves. The part is produced by Parker in Italy. This valve is mainly used as a brewing group solenoid valve. The remaining water from the group comes out of the outlet at the top. The Parker part numbers for this item are 393107J and 393112J This solenoid valve is a 3 way valve. The...

La Cimbali portafilter gasket 71x56x9mm original

The portafilter gasket on this page is a OEM/Original La Cimbali conical portafilter gasket. This portafilter gasket has the Cimbali part number 401-261-010 . This portafilter gasket can also be used for the Casadio Venti (401261010) and the Faema E98 Compact (401261010) This portafilter gasket has a outer diameter of 71mm a internal diameter of 56mm and...

La Cimbali copper tube group

The copper tube on this product page is used with various Faema and Cimbali espresso machine models. The Cimbali part references for this item are Cimbali 421580020, Cimbali 421-580-020, Cimbali 947-557-000F and 947-557-020F. For Faema the part reference is 421580020. This copper tube is used as a brewing group out let tube. A section of this tube...

La Cimbali heat exchanger 150mm

On this page you will find a heat exchanger cartridge. This tube is available in 2 versions a 210mm version and a 150mm version. The one on this page is a 150mm version. The length of this copper heat exchanger(HX) is 150mm and has a outer diameter of 42mm. It is possible that you get a blank copper one or a copper with nickel plating. This cartridge...

PTFE gasket 22x17x1,5mm

The PTFE gasket on this page is mainly used for machines made by the Cimbali group. You will find this PTFE gasket in hydraulic circuits, brewing groups, steam and water valves and water inlet valves. The Casadio part number for this gasket is 401183010, the Cimbali Part number is 401183010 / 401-183-010 and for Faema the part number is...

Portafilter gasket suplement 72x58x0.8mm

The paper gasket is one of the items you rarely find as a OEM or Original Item. But it is one of the most important items to keep your machine functioning. Over time the brewing group and portafilter locking systems wears, so there will be more space then original. This small spaces can be filled with the paper shims. This can fix the problems of not...

IMS Cimbali 1 cup filterbasket 6/9 gr

The filterbasket on this page is made by IMS in Italy and is from their competition series filter baskets. The specific product number for this specific filter basket is B681TH24.5E. This single filterbasket can hold a capacity from 6 grams up to 9 in total. The outer dimension of this filter basket is 68mm and the body is 60mm. The ridge is externally...

La Cimbali M39 doming sticker coffee selection

It is quite common on the La Cimbali M39 that the coffee selection stickers break or come loose. To get your espresso machine back to original state you can replace this sticker with a new one. It is a doming sticker, so it is slightly rounded. The La Cimbali part references for this part art 913-192-000, 913-192-010, 913192020 and  913-192-020....

La Cimbali old style double portafilter

On this product page you will find a double portafilter suitable for various La Cimbali espresso machines. This model has the old type of spout which uses screws to keep it into place. The Cimbali part reference for this item is 458-980-000 . This portafilter has a ear orientation of 90 degree. The ears themselves have a thickness of 5,5mm. The...

Shower screen 51,5mm

The shower screen on this page is made by the Italian company IMS Filtri, no this is not a competition shower. But they also make standard shower screens. This shower screen can be used on a variety of brewing groups. Like on the ones of Reneka, Carimali, Bezzera, Grimac, Astoria, Wega and Elektra. The external diameter of this shower screen is 51,5mm...

La Cimbali gigleur 0.5mm

The nozzle/gigleur is used on a couple of Cimbali brewing groups. This nozzle is not located inside the brewing group, as you see with most gigleurs. But it is installed inside the tubing at the flowmeter or close to the brewing group. This item has multiple part numbers you will find those at the extra info tab. This gigleur has a outer diameter of 14mm...

La Cimbali heat exchanger ring

This heat exchanger support ring is used on La Cimbali brewing groups with the heat exchanger. This ring slides over the heat exchange itself and supports the copper heat exchanger. This ring is suitable in combination with the 210mm heat exchanger and the 150mm heat exchanger. The Cimbali part number used for this item is 457-165-028 This heat exchanger...