La Spaziale heating element 4800W 220V original
  • La Spaziale heating element 4800W 220V original

La Spaziale heating element 4800W 220V original


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The product on this page is a OEM La Spaziale heating element. This heating element produces 4800W at 220V.  This heating element has a immersed length of 340mm (so up the inside of the flange). The heating element is a 6 pole version, the connectors are spade connectors 6,3x0,8mm.

The heating element has a brass flange. The Flange is 85x85mm and the distance between the holes is 63mm.

The La Spaziale part number for this item is 07820 the heating element is suitable for the La Spaziale S5 Compact.


Data sheet

part number
Spaziale 07820
Submerged length
Type part
Heating element

This does depend of which brand of espresso machine you have. Some espresso machine brands don’t use a heating element thermostat at all. Most thermostats are interchangeable with each other, but always make sure that you use a single phase or a 3 phase version, check out the thermostats we have on our website

Well first of all the heating element flange, seen those are in most cases not interchangeable with each other. seen a Cimbali heating element won’t fit a Nuova Simonelli heating element due to the flange model. A other important feature is the length of the heating element. When it is too long, it won’t fit. When the element is too short you will get uneven heat distribution in the boiler.

Well descaling a heating element is quite simple. A heating element can be placed inside a water tight tube. But the flange can not be submerged, the chance that water gets inside the heating element is possible. Which shorts out the element and makes it unuasable.

To descale a heating element you can use Puly caff Calcinet descaler, this need to be dissolved into hot water. First remove the loose lime scale. If it doesn’t remove all the limescale, repeat the procedure.

A heating element only comes with a gasket when this is specified. If this is not specified a heating element gasket isn’t supplied with the element.

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