Bezzera espresso machine parts

The oldest still existing espresso machine manufacturer, Bezzera dal 1901. This company was founded in 1901 and has made quite some revolutionary espresso machines, for the domestic and for the commercial market.

Below is a small overview of Bezzera espresso machines which are used in domestic applications. If you have questions regarding commercial espresso machines made by Bezzera, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Types of spare parts

The Italian brand Bezzera uses a variety of components on their espresso machines. In some cases these are OEM/original spare parts which are unique to the brand Bezzera. But in a lot of cases

Bezzera portafilter

On the brewing groups of Bezzera you basically have 2 options. The standard Bezzera solenoid operated group and the E61 style of brewing group. These brewing groups both use different types of portafilters. The Bezzera portafilters on the E61 style brewing group have a 90 degree ear orientation, where the solenoid operated brewing groups have a 45 degree ear orientation.


Models espresso machine

The Italian brand Bezzera makes a variety of espresso machines. From lever operated models such as the Bezzera Strega and the Bezzera Mitica for the domestic market. To the Bezzera Victoria and the Bezzera Arcadia for the commercial market.

There are quite a lot resemblances between the Bezzera models. With the domestic models in most cases you will find a E61 style of brewing group or their own solenoid operated brwing group. Which is also used on various models of

Bezzera BZ10

The Bezzera BZ10 is one of the more popular espresso machines around, you can find also a variety of reviews and tests about this coffee machine. This espresso machine is a single boiler which is a heat Exchanger type. This Bezzera coffee machine is fitted with the solenoid operated brewing group of Bezzera, which has installed 2 heating elements to get a stable temperature of the brewing group.

Bezzera Magica

The Bezzera Magica is one of the models which has a optional electronical temperature control inside the boiler. This makes it able to get a really consistent brewing temperature and it remains a domestic espresso machine. So it is the perfect coffee machine for a home barista which wants to bring their espresso to the next level.

Bezzera Mitica

The espresso machine on this page is the Bezzera Mitica. This is a manual operated espresso machine with a e61 style of brewing group, with the iconic Bezzera portafilter. This is also a espresso machine with a water tank on the back. The water from this tank is pumped into the single HX boiler, with the help of a vibration pump or a rotation pump.

Bezzera Unica PID

The Bezzera Unica PID is a small espresso machine, with a small boiler. This is not the typical Heat Exchanger(HX) boiler system. But a espresso machine with electronic temperature control, PID. Seen this boiler is so incredibly small it has not been fitted with a water outlet. Seen that will drain the boiler too fast.

Bezzera Duo

One of the latest espresso machines of Bezzera is the Bezzera duo single group coffee machine. This espresso machine is a dual boiler coffee machine which is fitted with a water tank on the back. There are 2 versions. One is the Bezzera Duo DE and the other one is the Bezzera Duo MN. The DE version is the volumetric one and the MN version is non volumetric.

Which is not really common with 1 espresso machine model, is that they use 2 types of brewing groups. On the MN version you will find the manual E61 style of brewing group and on the DE version you find the solenoid operated Bezzera brewing group.

One of the features you rarely see on a Bezzera espresso machine is the display/touchscreen on the front of the coffee machine.


Bezzera spare parts from Brooks

Brooks Parts sells a variety of spare parts for Bezzera coffee machines. This can be OEM/original spare parts, but also not original after-market ones. If you are not sure which part you need for your Bezzera espresso machine, we are likely to source the right product for you.

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