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La Cimbali M27 RE - Brewing group

The brewing groups used on the La Cimbali M27 RE aren’t the typical Cimbali brewing groups, seen these are Faema brewing groups. This mode of brewing group can be found on more Cimbali models such as the Cimbali M23 UP

This brewing group is solenoid valve operated, with a 3 way valve on the side of the group. The portafilter gasket used on this brewing group has a outer diameter of 74mm and a inner diameter of 58mm. The “standard” La Cimbali portafilters do not fit this brewing group.
La Cimbali M27 espresso machine parts brewing group

IMS Cimbali 1 cup filterbasket 6/9 gr

The filterbasket on this page is made by IMS in Italy and is from their competition series filter baskets. The specific product number for this specific filter basket is B681TH24.5E. This single filterbasket can hold a capacity from 6 grams up to 9 in total. The outer dimension of this filter basket is 68mm and the body is 60mm. The ridge is externally...

Faema 21mm M5x1 diffuser

This brewing group diffuser/nozzle is used on various Faema brewing groups. The Faema part reference for this item is 4161024761 and 4161133848. This brass nozzle has a outer diameter of 21mm. the female thread used is a M5 with a pitch of 1mm. The item has been made in Italy. You can use this brewing group diffuser on the Faema E91, Faema E92,...

La Cimbali filterbasket 1 coffee 6gr

The filterbasket on this page is for 1 coffee dose. This item is used on La Cimbali espresso machines. The La Cimbali part reference for this item is 457232000 and 457-232-000. This filterbasket has been made by the Italian company IMS Filtri, the part reference is GC1T043. This filterbasket holds about 6 grams of ground coffee. The outer diameter...

Parker 3 way solenoid valve stainless steel 220/240V 50/60Hz

The solenoid valve on this page is slightly different then the flanged 3 way solenoid valve. Instead of the traditional brass solenoid valve flange is this one made from stainless steel. This parker 3 way solenoid valve is mainly used as a brewing group solenoid valve. The Parker part number for this item is 3019F1GRG7XS03XS6 and 131FSG100 As mentioned...

Ode solenoid valve 3 ways base mounting 220/230V 50/60Hz 15bar

Most of the pump driven espresso machines use a 3 way solenoid valve the control the brewing process. On this page you will find a ODE solenoid valve made by the Italian company ODE. The solenoid valve number is: 31A1AR15-VORV This specific model is a flanged model. So it is bolted against a flat machined surface with 4 allen bolts. These surfaces are...

portafilter gasket 74x57.5x8mm

The portafilter gasket shown on this page is used with various espresso machines of the Cimbali group and with Vibiemme espresso machines. the part reference numbers can be found in the extra info tab. This portafilter gasket has been made from NBR. The outer diameter is 74mm the inner diameter is 57,5mm and the thickness is 8mm. This gasket has 4...

Portafilter gasket 73X57X8.5mm

This portafilter gasket has a outer diameter of 73mm a inner diameter of 57mm and a thickness of 8,5mm. 73x57x8,5mm. This type of brewing group gasket is one of the most standard portafilters around. You will find this on the Faema E61 groups as well as on the E61 style groups used by Vibiemme, La Scala, Bezzera, San Remo, Fiorenzato and Grimac. Of this...

Faema/Casadio PTFE gasket 27x20x1mm

On this product page you will find a flat PTFE gasket which can be used in various applications on Faema and Casadio espresso machines. This flat PTFE gasket can be used in brewing group applications and water and steam valves. The Casadio part reference for this item is 4701116694, the Faema part reference is identical to this number. This ptfe gasket...

Portafilter gasket 73x57x9mm red silicone

The portafilter gasket shown on this product page is one of the most common sizes found on commercial espresso machines. But this gasket hasn’t been made from NBR as traditionally done, but from food grade silicone. You can find this portafilter gasket on brands such as Faema, Vibiemme, Bezzera and La Scala. This red silicone gasket has a outer diameter...
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Faema/Casadio/Cimbali shower screen 60mm original

The shower screen on this page is used on the various brewing groups Faema has made, which are also used on various Casadio and Cimbali espresso machines. This shower screen is a OEM/original spare part of Gruppo Cimbali. It can be used on a wide range of espresso machines from The Faema E61, up to the Faema President and Teorema. But also on the M23-UP...

Faema P4/P6/E64/E66 nozzle

The nozzle on this product page can be used on a variety of Faema brewing groups. This nozzle has been made from a male M10 with a thread pitch of 1mm. The hole in the middle is 0,5mm. You can use this gigleur on the Faema Due, Faema E91, Faema E92, Faema E97, Faema E98, Faema Express, Faema E98 president and the Faema Smart.

O ring gasket 8.9x2.7mm

The o ring on this product page can be used on various brands of the La Cimbali group. You can use this o ring with the brands Faema, Cimbali and Casadio. This o ring has been made from EPDM. The cord diameter is 2,62mm and the inner diameter is 9,13mm. this o ring has been made in Italy. You will find this o ring for instance on the Casadio Dafne,...