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La Spaziale S2 - Boiler

La Spaziale S2  Boiler espresso machine parts

La Spaziale S2 Boiler espresso machine parts

La Spaziale gasket 11,5x2mm

This type of gasket you don’t see that often with coffee machines. A blind gasket. This blind gasket is made from a fibre material. The outer diameter of this blind gasket is 11,5mm and the thickness is 2mm. Where is this OEM article used for? This is used in the hydraulic systems of most La Spaziale espresso machines. The blind gasket is located...

La Spaziale heating element 2800W 230V original

The heating element on this page is a Original OEM part from La Spaziale. The element produces 2800W at 230V. The immersed length (up to the flange) is 345mm. The terminal connections are 6 male spades of 6,3x0,8mm. The flange on this heating element is 85x85mm. to seal off the flange you can use the standard o ring, originally used with part number...

La Spaziale 3 group heating element 3800W 220/380V

The heating element on this page is a 3800W heating element suitable for a variety of La Spaziale espresso machine models. This heating element supplies 3800W at 220/380V. The immersed length of this heating element is 570mm(up to the inside of the flange). The Flange used on this heating element is 85x85mm, the distance between the boltholes is 63mm....

Safety valve 3/8'' 1,8 bar

On this page you will find a boiler safety valve 3/8” male with a present of 1,8 bar. This safety valve is, at own responsibility, adjustable. This can be done by tightening or untightening the Allan key slot in the top of the valve. Inside this safety valve has a stainless steel spring inside, the sealing material is FKM. This is a non certified...

Female plug 1/4"

A plug is a generic item which can be used in a variety of espresso machines. This specific version of the female plus is one which has a ¼”BSP-G thread.  You can use this type of fitting to seal off a variety of parts of your espresso machine, hydraulic system, brewing group valves and boiler This part is used in brands like Astoria...

Safety valve 3/8" 2.0 bar CE PED IV certified

The most important part on a espresso machine is the safety valve. This part prevents that a boiler can explode. The safety valve will open up when the pressure inside the boiler becomes too high. This specific safety valve is made out of brass. The thread type used for this safety valve is 3/8”BSP-G. The calibrated pressure of the valve is 2.0...

La Spaziale heating element gasket

This triangular/rounded heating element model is specifically for the La Spaziale horizontal heating elements. For these elements the flat round gaskets and the O rings are also suitable (original reference of La Spaziale is 02418). This specific heating element gasket has outer dimensions of 85x85mm with a thickness of 2mm. The internal hole has a...

Safety valve 3/8" 1,8bar CE PED IV

The boiler safety valve shown on this page can mainly be found on La Pavoni espresso machine boilers. The La Pavoni part reference for this item is 395221G This boiler safety valve has a male 3/8” BSP-G thread. The pre-set pressure is 1,8 bar and nonadjustable. The seal used is a FKM seal, when opened the steam outlet is 872 L/M. This valve is CE...

O ring 20.63x2.62mm viton

On this page you will find a o ring which has a cord diameter of 2,62mm and a internal diameter of 20,63mm. the material for this o ring is Viton. The application in espresso machines for this o ring is really broad. This ranges from application in brewing groups with brands like ECM Heidelberg, la Scala, Bezzera and Brasilia. But also the application in...

La Spaziale 2 group heating element 2800W 220/380V

This heating element is suitable for a 2 group La Spaziale espresso machine. This specific heating element generates 2800W at 220/380V. This heating element is suitable in combination with the La Spaziale part number 05504 The immersed length of this heating element is 355mm, this is the distance from the tip to the inside of the flange. The flange used...

La Spaziale gasket o ring 55,56x3,53mm

The o ring listed on this page is suitable to use as a heating element gasket on La Spaziale espresso machines. The La Spaziale part number for this item is 02418. The o ring itself is made from FKM and has a cord diameter of 3,53mm and a internal diameter of 55,56mm. As a alternative there are also flat fibre and PTFE gaskets as replacement for the o...

Asco pressure switch P203/T01 20A

The P203T01 is also manufactured by the company Asco, in the past the name of these pressure switches was Sirai. This name change happened for all the products of Sirai. This Asco Pressure switch is a 2 pole instead of a 3 pole pressure switch. With a full plastic cover. This pressure switch has been used espresso machines like: La Pavoni, Rocket and La...